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Missouri Rush Players Named to Select Team


Missouri Rush Players Named to 2013 National Select Team

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Rush Soccer forms select teams (All-Star teams) that are comprised of the top Rush players from across the country at the U13-U17 age groups. These teams attend various events on a yearly basis. Player pools are established through club recommendations and identification at the Rush Festival and the Select ID Camps. Players can move in and out of the player pool based on their current form. This is undoubtedly the paramount part of the Rush program because if we are wanting to put the absolute best talent on the field the first step is to ensure that the best players from around the country are identified.

The vision for the future of the program is to hold Identification clinics and camps regionally across the country with defined guidelines of what is being looked for in a Select Player.  With these players representing Rush across the nation at the  highest level, they will be expected to be exemplary off the field in their interpretation of the Rush Core Values.

Tim Amlong, Missouri Rush's Technical Director, commented, "in our first year, really half of year, having developed four players that were chosen to participate on the National Rush Select Team says a lot about the programs we've put in place to encompass the whole player.  I mean part of the reason I wanted to come over to the RUSH Organization was to give players the chance to play with highest quality players from all over the United States.  I mean this opportunity separates Club organizations. I can't name another Club in the country that gives their players a chance to succeed at this levels.  Our kids will join players and coaches from 28 other states that are all part of their same Club system and yet still offers the at home competitive experience.  I'm fortunate to have seen these players play and get a chance to train and coach them.  I look forward to coaching in Arizona with the Rush Select U16 team as well.  It was a great honor to be selected to coach the team.  These players will be attending one of the Best College showcases in the Country with over 180 College scouts in attendance looking for players (Div I, DivII, DIV III AND NAIA).  Actually these players have a chance to set a standard for Missouri Rush.  If they go out and have a great showing, which we know they will, Missouri Rush will be recoginized for quality recruits and players.  Thus bringing credibility to our club and attention to next years class of players.  I also see down the road Missouri making an impact on all the Rush Select teams.  We have some U10, U11 and some U12 kids coming up that are very strong players, I mean quality players.  I see in the future that Missouri could be "that State" were RUSH comes and looks for those special players.  I wish the players well and I will keep Missouri RUSH Nation posted on their accomplishments.

Please click on each players picture to read a short questions and answer interview between Tim and the players.



Amanda Orlando

U14 / 8th grade

Hollenbech Jr. High


Logan Heacock

U15 / Freshman

Incarnate Word Academy

annie soccer

Annie Valenti

U16 / Sophmore

St. Dominic High


Brooke Greiner

U16 / Sophmore

Rosati-Kain High 


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