Missouri Rush Fitness and Health Programs

Missouri Rush is dedicated to player development. One major aspect in a player's development is how they treat their body. What they put in their body has a direct impact on their ability to perform at a high level and be prepared to handle the physical demands a soccer game puts on a player. Understanding these demands helps players realize the importance of proper nutrition and hydration. 

Throughout the year MRSC hosts different programs that help guide players through training sessions like Speed & Agility, RushSanity, and Sports Performance Training. These sessions are designed around improving a players health and fitness level. The central core of each program works on the following:

    * Speed and Agility 

    * Explosion and Jumping

    * Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

    * Injury Prevention

    * Muscle Regeneration

    * Goal Keeper Fitness

MRSC is also working on implementing the Rush Core 11. The Rush Core 11 has been specifically designed to improve a players strength and physical attributes and also reduces the possibility of injury by 35-40%. MRSC has worked with Logan College of Chiropractic to create