Another Successful Rec+ Minicamp in the Books

This past November, we wrapped up a hugely successful Rec+ indoor minicamp. We had over 50 kids attend this instructional minicamp. The camp focussed on introductory training to club soccer. Each session had club trainers on hand to instruct players on a small player to trainer ratio. Each player was able to gain some confidence on and off the ball. The players learned foot skills as well as tactical gameplay instructions through free-play. Here is an email from one of the parents about their experience with the minicamp. 



    Good Afternoon! I feel like I'm becoming 'that parent' so I sincerely apologize - totally not my intent. First we just want to say how much we like the camp - Ryan is learning so much!  We especially  like the coaching style & how each player is given 1:1 tips & pointers to help them develop - outstanding!  We would like to know if there will be more of these camps as we would certainly sign up. Also I received an email about the Rush team store & we would like to get Ry a few items for his birthday but wanted to make sure that was 'ok' since he's not part of the club (yet). 

    Thanks as always for putting up with endless supply of questions! 



We will be offering another minicamp in February similar to this one. If you are interested in signing your son or daughter up, please check back periodically for updates and to register.