What is RushSanity



This year RushSanity is jam-packed with value and educational opportunities outside of the already great cardio workouts. Powered by Riggs Performance Training (RPT), this season we will be introducing some great new features. 


The Benefits of RushSanity

Alex Riggs, the founder of Riggs Performance Training will be heading up this program. One of the main focuses of the program will be on proper movement and muscle activation. Movement is broken down into 3 categories, movement health, movement competency, and movement capacity. 

  1. Movement Health is defined as movement ability
  2. Movement Competency  Simply put, is the movement system working proficiently
  3. Movement Capacity or physical capacity is where deficiency is common. Example, an athlete displays movement competency but has extremely low endurance (capacity), which can be explained by the lack of training. This is where sport performance training comes into play:
    1. Power
    2. Work Capacity
    3. Speed
    4. Agility
    5. Quickness

Another benefit will be Functional Movement Screening (FMS). RPT together with Logan College of Chiropractic will be performing FMS test during the first week of the program and again during the last week to test for progression. This is a value-added benefit that serves several purposes:

  • Improves functional and athletic performance
  • Helps to reduce the potential for training and sports injuries
  • Provides a simple grading system to assess athlete movement
  • Identifies physical imbalances or weaknesses 
  • Rehabilitates imbalances and strengthens weaknesses with simple corrective exercises

Each participant will also receive a nutritional guide  


RushSanity Details

RushSanity is an 8 week program with one-hour sessions (same night each week) where participants will get put through 30 minutes of a muscle activation session and then move into a 30 minute cardio session with mixed in fast footwork. Program starts the week of January 2nd. The program will be held at Gametime Sports in St. Peters.  


Who is available to participate? Players 2009 and older are able to participate. 

Times will be based on participation. Sessions will normally start in the evening during the week and during the day on Saturdays. Schedules will be posted on or around December 20th. You will be able to choose your desired night during the registration process. 

There are 2 programs open for registration for RushSanity:

  • Program 1 - one night a week for 8 weeks = $80.00
  • Program 2 - two nights a week for 8 weeks = $140.00