Q: What is your team philosophy?

A: Fun and development are tied for top priority, winning second! We believe equal playing time and playing girls in both offensive and defensive positions is necessary for proper development at this age. Every girl should feel like a "starter". We don't believe in compromising these things just because we are in club soccer, or for the sake of standings. We are fortunate to have a great group of coaches and families that share this mindset.


Q: Who are the coaches of this group?  

A: Chad Terry, Matt Burke, Liz Gaudy, Marc Maull


Q: What are the player’s names (as pictured)

A: Front Row, L to R: Colbie Bridges, Samantha Meyers, Morgan Gaudy, Ava Terry, Emily Burke, Marley Shuler

Middle Row: Payton Dietiker, Cydney Beckmann, Madeline Maull, Audrey Pomeroy, Brooklynn Guccione, Lily Selvy, Reese Bauche

Back Row: Ashley Molitor, Zoey Zurmuehlen, Anabella "Cruzy" Munoz, Maya Gaines, Adyson Bush, Joley Thode, Karley Kovarik


Q: What was your record this fall?

A: Nero   17-0-3        Cinza  15-4


Q: What were some of your accomplishments?

A: Nero:

Champions - 2016 Lou Fusz Midwest Fall Invitational Tournament U9

Champions - 2016 Gateway Rush Halloween Havoc Tournament U9

Champions - 2016 Missouri Rush Show-Me Showdown Tournament U9 Select

2nd Place - SLYSA U9 Division 1, Fall 2016


Champions - SLYSA U9 Division 3 Red, Fall 2016

Champions - 2016 PAO International Supercup Tournament U9

Finalists - 2016 Missouri Rush Show-Me Showdown Tournament U9 Nero

The group also had two 1st Place teams and one 2nd Place team in the 2016 Kids 4 Kids / Carnavale De Futebol Charity 3v3 Tournament.


We feel though our biggest accomplishment is the positive culture we maintain within our group. Players, parents, and coaches regularly show up to games they are not even playing in to cheer on their friends. Our girls are disappointed when we don't have practice because our practices are fun. We see this as our biggest measure of success, more so than standings.


Q: What you hope to accomplish in the future?

A: Our hope is the age group continues to grow and we can continue the same collaborative development and training approach we have established.

The idea in the short term is to have the entire age group training and playing together which accomplishes a number of goals. At the club level, it supports the transition into the Rush United structure / 9v9 game. For the kids, they continue to get exposure

to all coaches at the age group which accelerates development. Also, they get to make a bunch of friends and feel the sense of community and pride that comes along with playing for Missouri Rush. It's inevitable that as kids progress from 7v7 to 9v9 and 11v11,

they will develop at different rates and future team formation will be based upon that. Our goal is to have them as prepared as possible for these future transitions.


This was our "Team Spotlight" with the 2008G's Nero and Cinza group. This group came together after starting out in our YDA program. Seeing the value of working together coach Chad and Matt put together a plan that took them into the competitive soccer world ahead of the game. We want to thank the caoches, players, and families for spreading the Rush way. Keep up the good work!