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Rush Kickarounds

Below is a current list of teams looking for players. This list will change as we get closer to tryouts. Please check back if you do not see your player's age/gender. New teams will also be forming in many age groups. 


Team Coach NameTeam Coach Contact EmailTeam Birth YearTeam GenderTeam Name (example Nero)What Division Do You Currently Compete In?How Many Players Are You Looking To Add?What Positions Are You Looking To Fill?Please list any special notes you want to add. Please note, these notes may or may not be added to the website listings.
Jake Sommer[email protected]2008MaleWhite & AzulChampionship4Defenderlooking for all positions
Jim Brand[email protected]2008Female2008 Girls PoolPremier6+GoalieLooking for players at positions, including goalie. The player pool will offer the top development pathway in the club and league placement of premier and championship level teams.
Brian Watts[email protected]2009MaleAzulPremier2GoalieWe are looking to add (2) Premier players. Positions are not necessary.
Lively[email protected]2007MaleAzulDivision 14Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Damion Frederick[email protected]2002FemalePremierPremier3Defender, Midfielder, ForwardWe are a competitive team looking to add a few players that have interest in playing in college. We will use the Rush CAP (College Advisory Program) to assist players in getting the looks they need from college coaches.
Luke Conlon[email protected]2008MaleLuke ConlonDivision 13Goalie, Forward,
Train both nights at Missouri Rush fields in O’Fallon
Hawkins[email protected]2006FemaleNeroDivision 13Defender, Midfielder, Forward
U10 Boys Cinza- Cadwell[email protected]2009MaleU10 Boys CinzaChampionship3Midfielder, Forward
Adam Bahr[email protected]2006FemaleBlancoDivision 35Defender, Midfielder, ForwardLooking for experienced mid/high level competitive players to join our core group of returning players. Should be motivated and possess a high work ethic.
Adam Bahr[email protected]2009FemaleBlancoDivision 43Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Steve Lange[email protected]2005Female2005G AzulChampionship6+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Bob Cadwell[email protected]2009MaleCinzaChampionship3Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Greg Shaw 07' Wildwood Rush[email protected]2007MaleWildwood Rush NeroDivision 23Defender, Midfielder, Forward
John Bostwick[email protected]2001FemaleNeroChampionship6+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Tim Findall / Bill Berens[email protected]2007Female2007 girls poolChampionship6+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Tim Findall[email protected]2003Male2003 boys unitedPremier4Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Heidi Dresner[email protected]2009Female2009G Azul/CinzaChampionship2Defender, Midfielder, ForwardPossibly looking for 1-2 players
Julie Davidson[email protected]2010MaleNeroChampionship2Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Alex Riggs[email protected]2010MaleCinzaDivision 22Defender, MidfielderLooking for coachable players. Attendance at games and practices is expected
Jay Burkett  [email protected]2009FemaleCinzaChampionship3Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
2009G Cinza looking for competitive players looking for a team dedicated to development and team approach. If your daughter is that player and looking to develop at all 3 positions (forward, midfield, and defense) please reach out to [email protected] for private kickaround times.

Dan Jansen[email protected]2007FemaleBlancoDivision 16+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardKick around at our normal practice time
2004 G AZUL[email protected] and [email protected]2004FemaleAZULPremier4Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardHigh School State Cup Semi-Finalist
Looking for High level competitive players
Learning to play the right way
Great team culture where players play, coaches coach, and parents are fans of the game
john volz[email protected]2005MaleazulDivision 36+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward

Doug Wolff[email protected]2010FemaleNeroDivision 13Goalie, Defender, ForwardLooking to secure 3 players that want to play club soccer and are dedicated to getting better. Must be coachable and willing to learn.
Jeremy Junghans[email protected]2005FemaleBlancoDivision 43Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Marc Crozier[email protected]2005FemaleFiertéDivision 32Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardLooking for 1 to 2 competitive players for next season to join an engaging program focused on developing the person as well as the player through a focus on Cognition, Competence and Character.
Alonso[email protected]2008FemaleBlancoDivision 24Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardBlanco will be dropping to a division 3 team so depending on where our team players land in the ID session, we may be wanting to add more
Kyle Hayes[email protected]2008Male2008B BlueDivision 32Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Josh Hellmann[email protected]2006FemalePremier HellmannPremier2Defender, Midfielder, ForwardLearning to play the game right way, developing students of the game, and challenging status quo.
McGrane[email protected]2006FemaleAzulDivision 12Midfielder, Forward
Edward Carter[email protected]2011MaleCarter 11Division 56+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardPractices will be held in Creve Coeur
Susan/Ed[email protected]2007FemaleWildwood RushDivision 14Defender, Midfielder, ForwardWildwood location
Jen[email protected]2009FemaleWildwood RushDivision 12Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardWildwood Location
Tracy Sanders[email protected]2008FemaleIncoming teamDivision 44Goalie, Defender
Jason Stockmann[email protected]2006MaleNeroDivision 26+Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardUnknown number for my team specifically, but we are looking to create a third team at this age group. My team will most likely be moving up to Div 1 in the Fall as well.
Terry Ancel[email protected]2008MaleWildwood RushDivision 24Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardWildwood. Adding 2nd roster. 2008 boys for Div 2.
Terry Ancel[email protected]2009MaleWildwood RushDivision 24Goalie, Defender, Midfielder, ForwardWildwood. Current 2008/09 team adding 2nd roster. 2009 boys for Championship Div.
Gaudy[email protected]2008FemaleNeroPremier1Defender, Midfielder, Forward


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