Field Player & Goalkeeper Camps

Field Player & Goalkeeper Camps

Missouri Rush would like to invite you to participate in our summer camps.  These camps will cover various technical aspects of the game that help develop well-rounded soccer players.   

Players will be separated by age groups and challenged with a fast-paced system of play that is both physically and mentally engaging.  This will be a great opportunity for players to have fun, gain confidence and approach next season with a full head of steam.

For elementary and middle school athletes (ages 8-14 and separated by age)

Registration Fee $125  (1:12 trainer / player)

June Camps

8th - 11th @ 6-8pm - Registration is closed
15th - 18th @ 9-11am - Camp is full, registrations is closed
22nd - 25th @ 6-8pm -

July Camps

6th - 9th @ 6-8pm
13th - 16th @ 9-11am
20th - 23rd @ 6-8pm



Goalie Camps (Ages 8-18)
It's been a while since our keepers have had a chance to train.  These camps will focus on the fundamentals and getting keepers the reps needed as we return to play. 
Registration fee $150 (1 trainer / 8 or less goalkeepers)

June 22nd - 25th @ 6-8pm
July 20th - 23rd  @ 6-8pm
August 3rd - 6th  @ 6-8pm


Goalie Wars Tournament - TBD

For High School Levels

  • 2020 summer camp information will be posted soon!