2022/2023 Season Details

Player Registration - Club

Player Registration - Club

Missouri Rush Soccer Club's (MRSC) Player Registration is now open for the 2022/2023 season. Each player that plans on participating in the 2022/2023 season must complete ALL registration steps in order to be placed on a roster and participate in club activities. 

Step one is registering for and completing the club registration. Once step one is completed, your confirmation email will contain a link to step two. When registering through step 1, choose the birth year of your player. The deadline to be guaranteed your player will be placed on a roster for his/her first game is July 22nd. If registration happens after this date, we can't guarantee your player's profile will be ready in time.   

Step two is registering your player for the state association (MYSA). 

Step two's purpose is to register your player in the state association database so the club can generate your player's ID card as well as include your player on his/her team's official state roster. During this registration process, you will be charged the MYSA player card fee (previously a team fee). Your player's ID card will allow your player to participate in all sanctioned events as well as provides secondary insurance coverage in the event of an injury at a sanctioned event. For further questions about this coverage, you can visit the state website www.missourisoccer.org.


ECNL Regional League and NPL Players:

Any player that joins an ECNLRL team or an NPL team will also be required to register through US Club. This step will be in addition to the ones listed above. The communication on how and when to register for US Club will be sent out directly to you by the coach or manager.