Missouri Rush's ECNL Regional League Staff

Jason Wyland is the ECNL Regional League Director. Jason is responsible for the overall development and direction of the ECNL Regional Program. Jason has an extensive background in playing, coaching, and training at high levels. 









Adam Wiedenhoffer is the assistant director of the ECNL Regional League program. Adam and Jason have been coaching and training together for several years. The pair work well together to help establish a consistent direction for the program. 

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Alex Riggs is the program's Goalkeeper Coach. Alex has played at the highest level in the US with the MLS. Alex has the abilities needed to prepare goalies for the next stage in their soccer careers. 

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Meghan is our newest addition to our ECNL Regional League program. Along with the rest of the staff, Meghan has played, trained, and coached at high levels. Meghan will be the head coach of the 2009 girls ECNL-RL team starting in the fall of 2021. 

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Kevin will be Meghan's assistant coach for the 2009 girls team. The pair will be under the direction of Jason and will be working to strengthen the overall program with their knowledge and coaching history. Their knowledge of the age group and community involvement makes them a great choice to help bolster the program!