“ECNL is a great opportunity for players to get to train at a very high level that directly translates to the training intensity of college soccer. The regional league really opens the door for colleges coaches to be able to stay more local for recruiting.  We love recruiting players out of ECNL as they already have the experience of playing again high level competition and a high level competitive training environment.” - Maddi Moon, UMSL

“The ECNL is exactly at the abbreviation states “elite”. I have had the great privilege of working very closely with some of these players and seeing them first hand at ID camps or ECNL league games. The quality training sessions and competition available to the players has had a major impact on their individual development. The ECNL does provide players the ability to make the jump to the next level. Whether this is the college, profession or international level. It is a great opportunity for players to be training by some of the best coaches around and compete at a very high level week in and out on a consistent basis. The biggest difference you will see from the ECNL compared to the MRL would be the level of competitiveness and consistency in the quality of players” - Deno Merrick, Missouri Baptist

“We have always considered recruiting the ECNL events vital to our success. Our current roster is full of players from ECNL clubs, and we are excited about recruiting through the new ECNL regional league.” - Lewis Theobald, Central Missouri(2017 Div.2 National Champs)

“Excited about the new opportunity to see regional recruits closer to home in the new ECNL Regional League!” - Mike Cannon, Truman State University

"Watching ENCL players, we know the athletes are well trained and the teams compete at the highest level. The league is organized and produces the finest product of soccer. ECNL players transition to the college level easily because of their club experiences, training, and completive environment created." - Dave Musso, Lindenwood