We at MoRush have decided that it would be very useful to relay some known information to help dispel some common misconceptions and falsehoods being discussed about the newly formed ECNL-Regional League.  We have met with our ECNL staff and came up with a little Q & A. Please take some time to read through and be sure not to miss the extremely interesting testimonials from different levels of college coaches at the bottom.




The ECNL Regional Leagues Heartland Conference is made up of six clubs. There are two clubs from Kansas City, one from Omaha, NE, one from Des Moines, IA., and the other two being MoRush and St. Louis Scott Gallagher. While the scheduling process has not started yet, the plan will be to limit travel as much as possible for all our ECNL-RL families. With four of the six clubs being out of town, we are hoping to see travel condensed to possibly two maybe three trips for league play. All travel is easily within driving distance and should (at a maximum) be only two nights stay in a hotel each trip. The remainder of the league games will be "Home" games. For the younger ages (U13 and U14) travel may be spread out between spring and fall seasons.  This will be the entirety of travel for our ECNL Regional league play.



This is not the ECNL 2, there is no such thing.  This is the ECNL-Regional League, Heartland Conference.  The ECNL has a rich, historic reputation for bringing out college coaches from all levels to all events. With the addition of the ECNL-Regional League, this will allow college coaches to limit their travel, plan easier, and be more flexible to attend ECNL Regional League games and events. Considering the colleges are playing their seasons in the Fall, it is very difficult for them to get free to attend National ECNL events all over the nation.  The creation of the ECNL Regional League now allows them to attend and recruit ECNL caliber competition within the region without making major travel plans.



One of the most beneficial payoffs of MoRush joining the ECNL-Regional League is the ability to create very intense, demanding and competitive training environments that will expedite player's development.  All players that accept a spot on an ECNL roster will be expected to hold themselves highly accountable to their commitment and dedication levels while prioritizing properly all aspects of their life.  Ultimately, this will not only influence the speed of their progress and development as soccer players, but young women as well. Further, they will fully understand that a competitive cauldron will always exist in our training atmosphere and they will accept it knowing it is the only way to properly prepare them for the rigor and demands of competing consistently at the ECNL level.



It is true that the ECNL teams will not be able to compete in the local USYSA State Cup event.  However, the winner of the 10-game Heartland Conference league will get invited to the ECNL National Playoffs.  We believe our ECNL program will allow our players the chance to learn, train, and compete at one of the highest levels possible within our region. Our ECNL players will be exposed to great training, group bonding activities, strong competition, and a structured environment that encourages the best from everyone all the time. 



We understand the importance of programs such as these being affordable. We look at our ECNL program as an investment for each player. By marrying our ECNL program with our existing College Advisory Program (C.A.P.) will bring in a new wave of accountability, exposure, and commitment to the player and the program. Players that are selected to be a part of our ECNL program will be given the financial outlook for the fall 2020 season.