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Uniforms and Apparel

Uniforms and Apparel

Rush Soccer has partnered with Capelli Sports to be the provider of all Rush Soccer uniforms for the upcoming season. Rush Soccer requires all players to purchase uniforms every two years. This fall (2019) is the start of the next uniform cycle. All players will receive a specific uniform ordering email. The email will come from "TeamShop Do Not Reply". The email link will have your player's name and uniform number pre-populated. You will receive your email link to order uniforms after your team has submitted their Uniform and Roster sheet to the Rush office.

Missouri Rush Soccer Club has two styles of uniforms.
1. Developmental Kit - this is for 7v7 and 9v9 teams (with the exception of upcoming 11v11 teams in the middle of the cycle). These kits are less expensive and only come with a home and away jersey, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks. 
2. Competitive Kit - this is for all 11v11 teams and will have two jerseys, two shorts, and two socks.

In both options there will be other items listed. Please keep in mind, Missouri Rush only requires the game uniforms as part of your player's kit.



You can manually access the uniform Team Shop by following the instructions below:


Capelli Sports will have additional apparel for purchase throughout the season. You can access these options by following this link https://teams.capellisport.com

Once you access the link, search "Rush Soccer" and then enter the password RushSoccer (case sensitive). From there search Missouri Rush and then enter the password MO749 (case sensitive).    


Rush Training Shirt

Rush Training Shirt $25.00

Rush Training Shirt $25.00