Derek Hoerman Boys 9v9 DOC

Derek Hoerman Boys 9v9 DOC

Missouri Rush is thrilled to announce that Derek Hoerman will be taking on a new role as the 9v9 Boy's DOC age group.   Derek has been working for the club for several years as a trainer and School of Excellence Director.  

Please help us welcome him into this new role.

A word from Derek himself.


I am excited to be taking on more responsibility within the club. Rush has been my home for numerous years and has always put players first when looking to improve. I look forward to having the opportunity to continue this trend. I want to say thank you to Nick Teater and Damion Frederick for thinking of me when the position became available.

My goal for the 9v9s is to build technically sound players who have the tactical awareness to solve problems independently on the field. The focus will be on what the team and players need in order to continue growing as a soccer player and a person. Then, of course, have some fun!