ECNL-RL Kicks Off First Weekend

ECNL-RL Kicks Off First Weekend


The Missouri Rush ECNL-RL program got to experience their first trip as a group this past weekend in Kansas. 

ECNL - RL Director Jason Wyland shares his experience.

"The main focus leading into the first weekend of ECNL-RL competition was to gain a sense of cohesion and try to form chemistry within the teams. Our preparation leading up to our first weekend has been demanding, as coaches we set the standard high and the girls responded extremely well.


It was such an amazing atmosphere and the competition was great. The ECNL Regional League program allows us to put more ownership on the players themselves, each player is learning how to adapt to the structure of play and the demands of the league.  


think it’s important to remember that our program is two months old and to come out 6-5-1 and compete in every single game really says a lot about our girls and we are extremely optimistic and excited about what the future holds. “


Missouri Rush Director of Soccer Operations, Damion Frederick, added, “It’s exciting, I know there was a bit of anxiety surrounding this stage of the season.  It’s obvious to us now that we have built a positive training environment for these players to develop and compete at this level.” 


We appreciate the continued support from our players and families as we navigate our way through the first season as part of the ECNL Regional League.  


We are looking forward to our next round of ECNL-RL games this weekend as we play host to  SLSG-RL Navy. Come out and support the program! 


Game Times:

2006/ 10:00 a.m./ Field 4

2005 / 12:00 p.m./ Field 4

2004 / 2:00 p.m. / Field 4

Composite / 4:00p.m. / Field 4