Emily B. 05G Keeper Making Masks

Emily B. 05G Keeper Making Masks

Looking for some great acts of kindness? Here is a great story of one of our keepers spending her time creating much needed masks for those in need. Emily B. plays for our 2005 Fierte team coached by Marc Crozier. 


Emily said "I was hearing all of the news about people not having mask that truly needed them and it made me really sad. I started thinking I know how to sew so why not make some mask to see if people could use them." So that is what she did. She spent some time researching the topic and decided to get to work.  "I looked up different patterns and found one that would work for me and the material that I had. I made a few and my mom posted it on Facebook and lots of people wanted / needed them so I just kept sewing and have been able to make at least a hundred." As you can see Emily has been very busy!

With all the uncertainty around the virus, we felt it necessary to share Emily's story. She goes on to say  "I'm waiting for some more material to come in the mail and I will continue to make more. I am not charging anyone but telling them whatever they want to donate, I will turn around and use it to make more."

This is a terrfic act of kindness. In this time of need, Emily is finding a way to unite people through her volunteering. Great job Emily!

Emily was interviewed on the Rush Daily Show wtih Josh Tyler. Check it out HERE