Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight


2005G United & Azul

What is your team's Philosophy?

We believe that it is important to develop both the individual players as well as the team. Player development is achieved by teaching players the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of soccer in a manner that is both challenging and enjoyable. Team development is achieved by creating a common appreciation amongst the players for hard work, healthy competitive attitudes, sportsmanship, and teamwork.



What is one thing you want your team to learn on a daily basis?

Accountability (also one of Rush's core values). How to be accountable for each other on the field. Playing for each other, as a team. There should be no ME or I, there should always be US.


What is one thing your team improved on this season?

We improved our team game. We all started playing well together, understanding our position, knowing what we had to do in order to become a better team.



Memorable team moment?

We are lucky enough to have so many great memories over the past few years. The one that was the most fun was when we won our division in SLYSA league play. We got to celebrate the championship by attending an STL Ambush game (to see coach Pepe play). The game was amazing, then we had a huge party bus pick us up from the arena. We had a great time listening to music, singing/dancing, while the bus drove us around to see Christmas light displays. Such a great time!



As a coach, what are some of the things you have learned about your players?

I learned that they can be challenged and they will always put their best effort to come up on top. Not just on the field but in life, as this was a tough year for society and they were constantly challenged on and off the field and still managed to have a great season together.


This Missouri Rush group led by Coach Steve and Coach Pepe has been a great testament to what it means to be part of the Rush family. Over the years this group has climbed the table in each SLYSA division and battled their way into the Premier division. Not only one team but both teams!

We look forward to what this group will do next and are proud to have them wearing the Rush Blue!