Tournament Update - July 21, 2020

As of today, Missouri Rush Soccer Club has made the difficult decision to cancel the McDonald's Mother's Day Classic and College Showcase. This was not an easy decision and is not one we take lightly. We were very excited and fully prepared to get youth soccer back in gear. There were four main factors that led to our decision.

1. Excessive heat. The forecasted temperature for Saturday and Sunday is 94 degrees. The heat index is expected to reach 105 degrees. Our policy, as well as SLYSA, is to not play when the heat index is 105 or higher. This means that there is a significant probability of us having to delay and/or cancel several hours worth of games on Saturday and Sunday. When you add the fact that masks will be required for all in attendance we feel that the environment is not healthy for players and spectators.

2. Rain in the forecast. It is forecasted to rain every day this week until Saturday. With us moving to the SLYSA complex we are now on grass.With it being the summer the fields can handle more rain than normal but the forecast is still not great for the week before an event. On top of that there are thunderstorms predicted for Friday evening which could lead to lightning delays and cancelations.

3. Longer Term Vision. We are fully committed to a fall season. We recently joined the St. Louis Sports COVID-19 Coalition. The aim of the coalition is to bring together all youth sports organizations in the region to get kids playing again. While we know that all of the teams that are planning on participating want to play this weekend and will abide by the guidelines of social distancing and mask wearing. We feel that it is an unhealthy request for people to wear masks in the excessive heat. 

4. Continued Uncertainty. After the announcement last Thursday by St. Louis County, all teams in St. Louis county were returned to a very restrictive play model. This has led to teams withdrawing from the tournament and is causing further concerns even today.

None of us want to cancel the tournament. Over the last 4 days we have spent hours agonizing over the decision. When we consider all the factors in front of us we feel the best decision is to cancel the event and focus our efforts on fighting to bring sports back this fall.

While we have incurred some expenses already, we will be refunding 100% of the money that teams have paid. The only exception will be the 3% processing fee for anyone that paid with a credit card. We will begin sending checks to the address listed for the head coach in GotSoccer and checks will be made payable to your soccer club.

We hope that you will consider joining us for the Show-Me Showdown in September. You can get more information about that here: