Update 12:00 pm 5/6/21

Coaches and Managers,

As promised we wanted to give an official decision by noon today. We are going to play. In order to complete the event some changes will need to be made. There are a few factors that will cause these changes so I ask for your patience as we re-work some of the schedule over the next 5-6 hours.

1. Rain - More than half of the fields we are using are grass fields. There is heavy rain expected on Saturday night into early Sunday morning. This will mean that we won't have access to any grass fields on Sunday. Fortunately the weather is favorable on Friday night and most of the day Saturday so minimal changes will need to be made.

2. A few teams have backed out and/or we weren't able to fill some TBD slots so we will need to rework a few brackets to allow for proper competition and number of games.

3. There is a massive referee shortage that has plagued the St. Louis area this year. We are working closely with our referee assignor to get as many qualified referees as possible. With last minute changes it adds a layer of complexity and uncertainty. While we always strive to have 100% coverage it is unlikely that will occur with the last minute changes that are required in order to play. We ask for your patience and understanding that we may need a club linesman during some games. If you are asked please do your best to help out. At the end of the day we are trying to make sure that every player that wants to play this weekend gets the opportunity.

All that said here is the plan:
Friday - All games will play as scheduled.
Saturday - All games will play as scheduled with the exception of games scheduled after 6pm on grass. We will be working to either move them to turf on Saturday night or move them to Sunday on turf.
Sunday - All games from grass will be moved to turf. We do not have access to enough turf fields to simply move the games at their scheduled times. We have extra turf but not enough. So, the plan is to extend the games to later in the day. Until we actually complete the schedule I do not know exactly how late the games will go but we are committed to ending as early as possible. We will do our best to allow out of town teams the opportunity to be done the earliest to allow travel back home.

Obviously the weather situation is an ever changing one and we may wake up tomorrow with a totally different forecast. If that is the case and we are forced to adjust again we will communicate as quickly as possible. At this point we have a high confidence level in the ability to get the event played.

Thank you for your patience and support.