Transitional Friendlies



The Rush Transitional Friendlies will take place this summer in July. This event will be played over the course of July 19th - 25th. Games may be during the week or on the weekend. Game times will be scheduled around cooler periods of the day. This is not a tournament-style format. These are structured games to allow teams the ability to play in their next format whether it is 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11.


Applied teams will be from upcoming U9, U11, and U13 (fall of 2021). Teams that are current (2020/2021 season) U8, U10, and U12 that will be entering a new playing format in the fall of 2021 will be accepted into the event.

Teams will be allowed 6 guest players to participate. Since the event will be hosted after tryouts, we understand some teams may have new players that were not registered or on their current season roster.


If a team is traveling from outside of the area, their games will be scheduled consecutively to avoid having non-play dates during their stay. This is NOT a stay and play event. Teams are able to stay in their desired hotels. If you would like a hotel reference, please let us know.  


For upcoming U9 (currently U8) teams, you will not need to be registered as competitive in order to participate.   

Event Details


Play Dates = July 19th through July 25th. Games will be scheduled during the evening on the weekdays and mornings and evenings on the weekends to avoid the hottest part of the days. There is no guaranteed number of games. Games will be determined based on the number of teams and the competitiveness of each division. Final fees will be prorated based on these circumstances. 

Games lengths:

7v7 - two 25 minute halves

9v9 - two 30 minute halves

11v11 - two 35 minute halves


Cost: This will be determined by the number of games played. Estimated cost per game $100-$150 


All games will have the required number of referees and all playing rules will be followed. 


Important Dates:

Registration Closes - 7/5/2021

Payment Due - 7/5/2021

Schedule Release - 7/12/2021